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Satoshi Kon: A Post of Appreciation

If there were an artist more prevalent throughout my life as Satoshi Kon I couldn't name them. It is extremely hard to put into words what his works have meant to me at various points of my life, perhaps no other artist has been able to capture the feelings of stigma, despair and hopelessness whilst being able to find an angle of light within such darkness, whilst many otaku of my generation have sung the adulation of Studio Ghibli and the many works of Miyazaki none are held in as high regard to me as the films of Kon. Over the course of the coming months I will sporadically review the various works the late Mr. Kon and give little anecdotes about the period of my life at which I discovered them, unlike most artists I admire I did not take the deep dive I normally do into the works of Satoshi Kon rather I watched his movies spanning over the course of a decade and only recently finished his filmography. I look forward to reviewing his works in the same sporadic (albeit in a much quicker) manner. It is truly sad that his final film will never be fully realized, but perhaps through these posts and with the wide release of the documentary on his life I can fill the void that his absence has left. I hope you all enjoy going on this journey with me, starting with the much appropriate choice for this time of year Tokyo Godfathers.

In other site news I will be working on some other fun reviews in the interim that I've had ideas for, including some holiday themed ones. My next review will likely be either Titane or Scrooge 1970, happy Festivus people!

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